Buy Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online

Buy Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online . MoonRocks were originally designed by Rapper Kurupt and his partner Dr. Zodiak in an attempt to get the best and highest high possible. They succeeded. Marijuana MoonRock reviews are over the top on these, saying that it is a heavy hitting Indica with powerful Sativa undertones.

Buy Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online

This isn’t the type of high where you can “get in the groove” and get stuff done. This is the kind of high in which you are taking the bullet train to Mars or Jupiter and you are stuck in your seat. You might want to take it easy the first time. MoonRocks are heavy hitters.

Make sure all your work is done and you have plenty of snacks and water handy when smoking this. You will not want to move once the high sets in. For those with insomnia, there is a more than good chance it will put you to sleep.

Buy Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online

Dr. Zodiak’s MoonRocks are the only ones guaranteed to be made with premium cannabis buds like Girl Scout Cookies, weighing in at about 64% THC and they come in different flavors. Black Cherry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Peaches N’ Cream, Banana, Vanilla Mango, Original, Strawberry and Sour Diesel (this one is a sativa, using the Sour Diesel flower buds). Buy Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online

And their hash oil does not contain solvents from using butane (BHO) but is made by applying heat and pressure to plant matter to produce a super-potent, translucent, gooey, sap-like rosin hash oil. Using this process, it retains more terpenes and connoisseurs say this provides more flavor than most other extraction methods. Order Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online

Buy Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Online

From a medical standpoint, MoonRocks are a quick and potent way to relieve pain and nausea. Because they are so potent, less is needed and this is good news for chronic pain patients. Due to their multi-cannabis composition (the “holy trinity” of cannabis – bud, hash oil and kief), MoonRocks might be superior medicine to treat some tough conditions and symptoms, including:

  • insomnia
  • appetite loss
  • muscle spasms
  • cramps
  • stress
  • depression
  • epileptic seizures

The high levels of THC combined with a .15% CBD rating amplify the medicinal properties of marijuana. MoonRocks increase the desire to eat, providing a quick acting and intense stimulant to even the smallest of appetites.


Oz(28 grams), Qp(128 grams), Hp(228 grams), Pound (454 grams)


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